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Seeds & Sprouts Early Learning Centre Services
Junior Toddlers
Senior Toddlers
Our Infant room has been designed with our smallest children in mind! Children 12 months to 20 months have walking bars and mirrors on the wall to encourage gross motor development, and we have soft and squishy areas for that much needed down time! There are two Early Childhood Educators in this room, and eight children. All children are given developmental goals- to which our staff provide learning experiences to help the children play and grow!

At Seeds & Sprouts Early Learning Centre, we take care to provide our families high quality childcare personalized for their unique needs. Our Beaumont Location services all of the below age groups, Our Edmonton Location services children up to and including Preschool.

Our Junior Toddler room has been set up for children who are busier than infants, but not quite ready to join in play with the “bigger kids”. This room is for children who are 20 months to 32 months. It has been set up for children to be able to explore movement, like climbing and jumping, as well as being introduced to activities that may require a little more focus; math and science! 

​Our Senior Toddler Room is for the most curious Toddlers! It has been designed for children who are 32 months to 44 months. These children are working on perfecting their potty training skills, as well as developing their social and emotional skills- before they make the leap into the Preschool Room! The staff in this room are continuously challenging the children to reach their next highest developmental milestone! 

The Preschool room is for our children who are 44 months old to 56 months (just under 5 years). The staff in this room have experiences set up that will help the children be successful in their first year of kindergarten! The children are given the opportunity to fine tune their problem solving skills, as well as their fine motor skills as they prepare for their next challenge in life : School!

Kinder's (Beaumont only)
After school care (Beaumont only)
Our Kinder room is a part time room, as children are either in school for the first half of the day or the second. We all get to spend time together at the end of the day, once school is over. The staff in this room plan hands on experiences to give the children real life learning, mostly within the community. Our kinders love to create with different art mediums- recycling from home is more than welcome in our craft corner!

Our After School Care program is developed for children who are in grades 1-6. Our goal is to have a program that is very self-sufficient, with our oldest children helping the younger ones in their learning. The ASC program also runs in the summer as a full day camp- there will be lots of fun adventures to come!