Seeds & Sprouts Early Learning and
          Childcare Centre

About Seeds & Sprouts Early Learning Centre
Seeds & Sprouts Early Learning and Childcare Centre started with a family owned and operated childcare program in Beaumont AB, we carry the same values that we do as a family over to our program. We excitedly opened our second location in Edmonton AB in August of 2015. 

The owners and staff at Seeds & Sprouts have committed to providing quality childcare to all children who attend our program. We provide real life learning experiences, age appropriate activities to stimulate all areas of development, all while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. 

We pride ourselves in having centres that go above and beyond Childcare Best Practice. In Beaumont we are an accredited centre and are working on accreditation in Edmonton. This is a lengthy process, but we have our whole team involved! It is a great learning experience.

We believe that children should be encouraged and challenged to reach all milestones in each area of development.  In order to make this happen, our staff provide a range of activities to aide in growth of each child's; social, physical,intellectual,creative and emotional areas of development.

What can you expect at S & S childcare centres?

-Plant and animal life in EACH room, giving the children a sense of responsibility as they learn to care for these living things!

-A wide variety of open ended materials to encourage individual creativity

-You can expect your child to be enriched with new concepts and problem solving skills, and that you as their parent are encouraged to be involved in our program!

-Daily activities that include all areas of development, such as physical development, social and emotional skills!

-Daily activities driven to meet the needs of each child, such as water play and dramatic play experiences!

-A large outdoor play space to encourage gross motor development

-Community involvement 

-A warm and welcoming environment, with a “home like” appeal

-A staff team that is trained and certified, but most of all, here for your child!

-Two snacks per day that meet the requirements set out in the Canada Food guide.

And last but not least: FUN!